During the Mopar Nationals 2015 on Santa Pod, SuzyQ has made a spectacular wheelie. The electronically controlled shifter wasn't functioning properly, causing the gearbox to stay in the first gear. By releasing the gas pedal, SuzyQ returned back to earth with her front wheels. The run was continued by shifting manually. The car didn't exactly liked this, she is not built for such high wheelies. But despite that, it was definitely a lot of fun for the driver and the spectators! This video is made by Andy Frusher.

Ian Blackett made a slow motion video of SuzyQ during her first season. The engine was in the lowest set up possible en was running on pump gas. Despite these pretty poor conditions, the engine was still able to produce 700 bhp, lifting the front wheels up after launch.

One of the first runs of SuzyQ on Santa Pod. Nowadays (2016) the engine is turned up and produces more power than back then. However, it's still fun to look back at the older videos. This one is made by Marcel Treffers.

During the annual Nitrolympix event at Hockenheim, SuzyQ has given her first demonstration run in 2014. She doesn't stand a chance against the much faster methanol funny car in the other lane, but that doesn't matter. Smoke, noise, flames and a lot of show: that's what the Nitrolympix Night Show is about!

The Nitrolympix Night Show is without doubt the event where both jobs of Kirsten appear within a short period of time. First running on high heels as back up girl in front of the nostalgic funny car Wild'r at Heart, and then quickly change into her race suit to get into SuzyQ. The team makes sure SuzyQ is ready to go in the pairing lanes.