Dave of Zeon TV anually makes professional videos during several drag race events in the UK, which are published on YouTube and on DVD as well. SuzyQ also appeared in several of these videos. Like this one about the Pro Mods on the Mopar Nationals 2014 on Santa Pod, even though SuzyQ is not a Pro Mod herself. The run of SuzyQ can be seen at 14.00 of the video.

During the trailer of the Dragstalgia 2014 DVD another run of SuzyQ can be seen at 2.26, she was running against a fellow Supercharged Outlaw. The tamest set up of SuzyQ during the 2014 season allowed a quick start, but after that the car was very limited in developing speed.

At selected car shows SuzyQ can be found as a representative for her sponsors and the sport of drag racing in general. These car shows are always focused on racing of tuning. SuzyQ could be seen at Rosmalen, Leeuwarden and Antwerpen. During most of these car shows there is an opportunity to fire the engine up, this is always a successful way to attract the spectators to the stand.

Now and then SuzyQ makes an appearance in magazines, so far this happened in Dutch and English magazines.

In 2013 SuzyQ participated at the Mopar Nationals in Herten, Germany. Horst Hetberg made this video on location.

Firing up SuzyQ during the All American Days in 2014 definitely attracted a lot of people to the stand!