After Rockin' Ramon dramatically crashed with his famous '41 Willy's gasser and found himself miraculously (almost) unharmed, there was not much left of the car. Only the blown engine remained unharmed and was put away under a blanket while Ramon built his Wild'r at Heart funny car.

A few years later the time had come that the blower engine would be doing again what he does best. The first plan was to build a new drag racer from an old 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, but it ended up to be a lot more interesting to buy an existing drag racer and install the engine in it.

After a short period of searching, an orange '70 Plymouth was found. The car is probably built into a drag racer at the end of the seventies or early eighties in the United States. After it was exported to Denmark, it made several moves within Scandinavia before it was taken to the Netherlands.

The car was complete, it had a working engine and 727 transmission. However, after arrival in the Netherlands the engine was taken out and replaced by the blower engine from the Wild at Heart Willy's. The car isn't completely rebuild, but still a lot of improvements were made to make the car up to date again. Last but not least, the orange colour was replaced by a gorgeous seventies paintjob. And: the Cuda was given a name!

As the driver of this Cuda is female, it was somehow obvious that the car would get a girly name. Being a huge fan of seventies music, it didn't take long before the name SuzyQ came up. This was one of the first big hits of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Initially it was assumed that the well known song of Creedence Clearwater Revival was the original version of the song. With a little help from music lovers it soon became clear that Dale Hawkins was responsible for the original performance of the song SuzyQ. It was a big hit in 1957. So all credits go to Dale Hawkins, because of him this Cuda is now called SuzyQ!

’41 Willy’s gasser, with the blower engine and that remarkable heartbeat.

A previous owner in Sweden even drove the orange Cuda on the street and made this video about it. He planned to give the Cuda a Hemi engine, it unfortunately never happened. A 1970 Plymouth Cuda with a Hemi engine would be the best thing ever!

Of course the original song should be mentioned too, as originally performed by Dale Hawkins.