In 2013 LosDos Creative Media did a photoshoot of SuzyQ together with Kirsten. This was before SuzyQ made her first appearance on the drag strip.

A new photoshoot was done in 2015, in cooperation with MotionBlur. These pictures are used for social media (especially Facebook) and will be used for hero cards. Time to smile at the camera, with photographer Nick van Loo.

Before the start of the Mopar Euronationals 2015, René Kerkhof of Priceless Picture has made these cool pictures of SuzyQ and the SuzyQ pit bike. As you can see this was on the track of Santa Pod Raceway.

The smoke machine certainly created a nice atmosphere.

No, a slick tire under load won't last long without additional support...

The cat come along, and of course she was photographed as well.