A couple of pictures from the past to start with. SuzyQ used to be bright orange with an impressive scoop on the hood.

Because the blower engine would be such a spectacular engine to race with, the old engine of the Cuda was taken out and replaced by that gorgeous blower engine. The roll cage was adapted to nowadays standards and is now scrutineered for 7.5 second runs. Several other changes were made, like the exhaust system and numerous other repairs.

After all that hard work, it was finally time to start with the paint! The Cuda was transported to David from Priceless Paint. David was given all freedom to make something great out of it. And he definitely succeeded!

Silver metalfakes are covered with candy purple panels, to get a lot of depth and sparkle, like a Christmas ball. On almost every picture and in every movie the purple seems to be dark blue, nonetheless it's really, really purple. The turquoise parts of the car are covered with a flower pattern, applied with the use of a curtain. This is called lace painting.

One thing is definitely sure: SuzyQ is delighted about all this! :)

The first start took some efforts, but it was great to hear the engine running again after being asleep for all those years!

David made this movie about the entire process from orange Cuda to SuzyQ. It's great to see the amount of work it took to give the car that 70s look, especially all those layers of paint!